About Us

Talk Trafficking – Learning About Human Trafficking Through Interaction – was originally founded in 2010 by Selina Urbak-Maard. In the beginning, the goal was to create a website focused on educating younger generations about Human Trafficking. This was to be done through the computer game prototype “Trafficking Exposed,” developed by Tim Kofoed and Simon Lund. The game was to be used by teachers and students, along with blogs, learning materials, and debate forums. The concept won an award at the Safe and Alive “Trafficking Awards” in 2010 in Denmark, and it has been further developed since.

The Talk Trafficking concept has continued to evolve and the Talk Trafficking team has grown to not only include academics, but also Human Rights activists, social work professionals, and Human Trafficking survivors. Talk Trafficking has become a forum where the issue of Human Trafficking can be discussed from all angles and the focus is not only on trafficked women, but also on trafficked men and children.

What makes the Talk Trafficking concept unique is the dynamic political and academic approach. The Talk Trafficking team and volunteers consist of people with different political views. However, despite these differences, common ground has been found in the belief that proper discussions and the acceptance of different perspectives can produce useful and dynamic anti-trafficking solutions. The level of diplomacy and willingness to negotiate and look beyond individual political values has been an eye-opening experience for all at Talk Trafficking. It is our goal to not only create the ultimate interactive learning platform, but also to show that even those who seem to come from entirely opposite perspectives of the issue of Human Trafficking can find solutions together.