The Team




Selina Urbak-Maard – Founder

Selina Urbak-Maard is a Sociologist in International Development and Psychology from Roskilde University, and has a diploma in Social Work from Metropolitan University College. She has specialised within the field of Human Trafficking since 2006. A field she has come to understand by studying Migration, Gender Studies, Gender Violence, Politics of Culture, Asylum Policies, International and EU Conventions and Protocols, and finally, the Personal and Social Psychological aspects of Trafficking. Selina has worked and volunteered at various organisations dealing with Human Trafficking and Violence. Selina currently works for The Nest International in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Line Liblik Larsen - Creative Coordinator and Editor

Line Liblik Larsen has a Master’s degree in Global Studies and Cultural Encounters from Roskilde University, where she specialised in global Human Trafficking through her Master’s Thesis. In 2010 she graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a double degree and a minor: a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a Bachelor of Arts in Danish with a minor in International Studies. Line Larsen has worked with a range of global social issues through research and volunteer work, including processes of globalisation, global health, ethical consumption, and Human Trafficking.

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Therese Hardø  – PR and Volunteer Coordinator

Therese Hardø has a Bachelor in International Development Studies and a Master’s in Journalism from Roskilde University. She has four years of experience working at Danish newspapers and magazines, such as MetroXpress and different magazines in Aller Media. Therese Hardø has been a part of Talk Trafficking since 2010 and has always had a great interest in the issues surrounding Human Rights and Human Trafficking.

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Sylwia is undertaking Human Rights and Cultural Diversity Programme at the University of Essex in England. She has become interested in the Human Trafficking issue during her volunteer experience for one of the Danish-based NGOs. She is currently working on her final paper in which she focuses on international rights for trafficked men. She is also passionate about rights of minors with a focus on enforced labour , as well as, continuous development of women rights in Poland.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki.

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Ayan Mona Musse is a social worker, currently working at Ringsted Municipality. Mona has a lot of experience working with integration and social rights, with a special focus on counseling and assisting with intercultural communication and integration into Danish society. Apart from working as a social worker, Mona is also politically active in her local community, with a great interest in improving welfare and social rights. Monas inspiration and drive stems from, amongst other things, her own personal experience as an un-accompanied minor and refugee from Somalia, which has resulted in great in-depth knowledge regarding integration processes and politics.

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Desirée Paz Hillmann is a Master’s student in International Development and Global Studies at Roskilde University. In 2010 she achieved her bachelors degree from the University of Copenhagen in Portuguese, where she also took courses in Minority Studies, Ethnography and Anthropology. She is specialising within the field of International Human Rights, Trafficking and Sexual Labour, and has done voluntary work for organisations concerned with these issues.



Fernanda Milán has a degree in Drama. She is a Writer and Human Rights Activist from Guatamala and has been an activist since a very early age. She is also an advocate for Transgender Rights and is currently residing in Denmark as a refugee as she is a survivor of Human Trafficking. In her blogs Fernanda will be writing about Human Trafficking from a Latin American perspective, whilst writing about her own trafficking experience – giving a different insight to the issue of Human Trafficking.