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Højtstående danske jurister til Mellemamerika?

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Third Guest Blog written by Elisabeth Scharling. This blog is in Danish. I blog 3 berører vi menneskerettigheder og de overgreb projekter som IBIS og Folkekirkens Nødhjælp modarbejder. Den 18. marts 2015 inviterede ovennævnte til møde med menneskerettighedsaktivister fra Guatemala og Honduras. Formålet med oplægget var at oplyse (os) om hvilke kampe der kæmpes på denne front. I de næste 3 blogs vil vi  redegøre for hver af gæsternes fremlæggelser. Den første gæst var Guillermo Lopez (Honduras) tidligere dommer (afskediget…
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Topic nr. 2- Indigenism

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Second Guest blog written by Elisabeth Scharling The goal in the second blog is to reflect upon the word indigenous or indigenism – and the value of the word in today’s politics. An interesting example is Bolivia. Evo Morales came to power despite of his indigenous roots, promoting a new direction for the country’s development plan, which gave hope for indigenous groups and their cultural maintenance. Although the politics under Evo Morales’ government has been strongly criticized for not complying…
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The Curse of Resources

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Guest blog written by Elisabeth Scharling   Dear reader, I am a student of Latin American studies at Copenhagen University. When forced to confront some of the heavy issues concerning human rights, I am very happy to share a few issues with the readers at Talk Trafficking. I try to define some of the paradoxes and complications which concern debates in the public sphere, using articles, analyses, conferences or a simple discussion as inspiration to the subjects.   In topic number…
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Part Five: Evidence of a Counter-Discourse in The CNN Freedom Project and Alternative Perspectives in an Indian Context

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As I have now presented my main analysis through previous blogs, I will continue on to part five of my blog series based on my thesis, “The Global Discourse on Human Trafficking and the Construction of a Standard of Civilization: Explored through The CNN Freedom Project.” Please refer to previous blogs covering parts one through four for the introduction, background, and the main parts of the analysis. To gain access to the original thesis, please contact Line Larsen at….
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Rape, Children and Human Trafficking

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There are countless children across the world being sold into slavery every single day. And in order to do so, traffickers use every trick in the book to control their child victims – including rape and violence.  As usual I searched the web this week in order to write this blog, and while searching for new cases of Human Trafficking of children, I kept stumbling upon the word ‘rape’. I have not written about child rape as a part of…
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Male Human Trafficking: Breaking the Feminist Bulletproof Glass Ceiling?

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The 9th of January, 2015 was the launch of our new website and the presentation of the “Talk Trafficking Your Way” which makes the page even more interactive with people in a creative/artistic way; I couldn’t be happier about our team and where we are heading with the mission of our page. Even though there were some questions, which arose during the event that I would like to break down a little in this blog. In late events last year,…
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Part Four: Delineating Actors in The CNN Freedom Project’s Narrative

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To continue my blog series, I will now present blog four based on my thesis, “The Global Discourse on Human Trafficking and the Construction of a Standard of Civilization: Explored through The CNN Freedom Project.” Please revert to my previous blogs for part one which is a shortened version of my introduction and background chapter, part two which begins the analysis on the construction of a standard of civilization in The CNN Freedom Project, and part three which traces underlying…
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Part Three: Tracing Ideals and Ideologies in The CNN Freedom Project

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As the new year is upon us I would like to present part three of my blog series based on my recent Master’s thesis, “The Global Discourse on Human Trafficking and the Construction of a Standard of Civilization: Explored through The CNN Freedom Project.” Please see my previous blogs to catch up on summarized versions of part one (the introduction and background chapter) and part two (the first part of the analysis on the construction of a standard of civilization…
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Our Dear Children

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Hello dear readers. This is my first blog in a while. Not because I have not wanted to write or have forgotten the importance of giving a voice to victims of human trafficking, but because I have just given birth to a beautiful little daughter and she has taken up all of my time and energy. Because of my new status as a mother, I have chosen to write about children and human trafficking again in this blog, as it…
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Radar’s Modern Day Slavery Media Service

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Guest Blog written by Emilia Maria Pezzini Radar, an international communications right charity, is about to launch it’s new modern day slavery website, featuring stories from citizen journalists close to the labour lines in India. Last year the Global Slavery Index reported that almost half the world’s modern day slaves live in India, and Radar will launch the new site to coincide with the launch of the 2014 report on November 18th. The aim of Radar’s website is to help…
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