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Rape, Children and Human Trafficking

i Feb 9th No Comments by

There are countless children across the world being sold into slavery every single day. And in order to do so, traffickers use every trick in the book to control their child victims – including rape and violence.  As usual I searched the web this week in order to write this blog, and while searching for new cases of Human Trafficking of children, I kept stumbling upon the word ‘rape’. I have not written about child rape as a part of…
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Our Dear Children

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Hello dear readers. This is my first blog in a while. Not because I have not wanted to write or have forgotten the importance of giving a voice to victims of human trafficking, but because I have just given birth to a beautiful little daughter and she has taken up all of my time and energy. Because of my new status as a mother, I have chosen to write about children and human trafficking again in this blog, as it…
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A Look into Trial Punishment for Traffickers

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There are more and more trials concerning Human Trafficking that end up in convictions. But has the focus moved from helping victims to punishments? I think we need another look into the punishments that the people behind human trafficking get. Obviously I don’t think that the people who submit poor victims to human trafficking can be punished too hard, but the question remains whether or not punishment in itself works. I have chosen to write about this because of a…
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