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The police – the missing piece

i May 15th No Comments by

I stumbled upon an article describing a new course for the Pennsylvanian police department, so they can identify victims of human trafficking. This blog is my thoughts on this. During this last week, one specific thought has kept on coming back to me: is educating the public really enough to stop human trafficking alone, or should this (which I still consider really important by the way) be done alongside something else in order to work? I came to the conclusion…
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Vulnerability 2: Hyper-sexualisation

i Mar 29th No Comments by

To begin with, it is such a thrill to be back after a long absence writing my blog. Been in a couple of events with the team, but been far from the letters lately. Hopefully my blogs will be on a regular basis from now on. One of my biggest concerns while I was developing as a human being, was this question wondering in my head: “What kind of a woman I want to be?” As if one can make…
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