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Part Four: Delineating Actors in The CNN Freedom Project’s Narrative

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To continue my blog series, I will now present blog four based on my thesis, “The Global Discourse on Human Trafficking and the Construction of a Standard of Civilization: Explored through The CNN Freedom Project.” Please revert to my previous blogs for part one which is a shortened version of my introduction and background chapter, part two which begins the analysis on the construction of a standard of civilization in The CNN Freedom Project, and part three which traces underlying…
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The Age Paradox: Sex versus Violence

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By the standards of international law and many national laws, a child or a ‘minor’ is defined as a person under the age of 18. In the United States, for example, sex with a minor is a serious offense as 18 is considered the ‘age of consent.’ What this has come to mean in trafficking terminology in the U.S. is that any person under the age of 18 who is engaged in prostitution is considered to not be in consent,…
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